Inside the Toolkits, Apps & Services that Launch Devastating DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks continue to grow in both size and frequency. According to Akamai, there was a 71 percent increase in the total number of DDoS attacks between 2015 and 2016.1 

How are threat actors of all skill levels able to so easily launch such damaging cyber attacks? They rely on sophisticated tools, services and applications that take down your organization. 

[1] “Akamai’s State of the Internet.” Security Q2 2016 report.

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Tools for the 

Define & Classify Current DDoS Threats

If DDoS attacks have not yet reached your business’ online borders, it won’t be long until they do. Download the white paper to learn threat actor strategies, tactics and attack vectors.

Break Down the Four Major DDoS Attack Types

Investigate Tools that Perpetrate DDoS Attacks

Analyze Mobile Apps that Provide Greater Attack Convenience

Dissect How DDoS Attacks Are Launched

Detail Proven DDoS Defense Strategies